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News & Announcements

Bishop Knestout Meets Students!

Bishop Knestout Meets Students...

Bishop Knestout visited Saint Mary's and talked to our students about their learning adventures!

A Celebration of Cultures!

A Celebration of Cultures!

Students celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month with dances and music from Panama!

8th Grade Take Latin I

8th Grade Take Latin I

Saint Mary's has partnered with Peninsula Catholic High School to offer a distance learning Latin I class to 8th grade students!

Periwinkles Visit Kindergarten!

Periwinkles Visit Kindergarten...

Kindergarten students learned that these marine snails spend most of their time on the shoots of marsh smooth cord grass and in salt marshes!

U.S. Air Force Pediatrician Visits Pre-K

U.S. Air Force Pediatrician Vi...

We thank Dr. Nugent for talking to our students about the medical profession and for showing our students his medical equipment!

Life Lesson on the Waterfront Classroom!

Life Lesson on the Waterfront ...

Second grade students discovered that through science and religion, they can study the wonderful things in life that God created for us!

8th Grade Lead Astronomy Lesson

8th Grade Lead Astronomy Lesso...

Eighth grade students taught the fifth graders about light and shadows in an introductory Astronomy lesson.

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