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School Advisory Board 2021-2022

"The purpose of the SMSSCS Board is to assist the Principal in providing the guidance and resources for educating the maximum number of students who can be effectively educated in a Catholic environment and encouraged to make a deep personal commitment to Jesus Christ and the Church.  The primary function of the SMSSCS Board is to serve as an advisory body to the Principal."

Board Members

  • Sister Mary Cecilia, O.P., Principal
  • Mr. Mike Foley, Chair & Development Chair
  • Mr. Jonathan Rhodes, Vice-Chair
  • Mrs. Jocelyn "Josh" Mueggenborg, Secretary
  • Father Tom Lawrence, School Chaplain
  • Mrs. Janelle Brown, Marketing Chair
  • Rev. Mr. Mike Swisher, Finance Chair
  • Ms. Susan Zoboli, Finance Co-Chair
  • Mr. John Becouvarakis, Facilities Chair
  • Mr. Jeff Jorgensen, Facilities Co-Chair
  • Mr. Joe Pincus, Strategic Planning Chair
  • Mr. Arnaud Clark, Legislative Chair




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