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All Star Raffle Ticket Fundraising


SMSS New Fundraiser: The All Star Raffle

Welcome back to another fun filled year of fundraising for our school. We are so excited to introduce everyone to our new fundraiser the “All Star Raffle”. We will be selling raffle tickets at the cost of $10 per ticket and the tickets come in books of 10. We are kindly encouraging each student to sell 1 book of tickets. Of course the participation is voluntary, but we hope you sell as many tickets possible. More ticket sales mean more money for Saint Mary’s! Ticket sales will run from September 1, thru October 31, 2017. All money and ticket stubs are due into the office by Tuesday, October 31 with no exceptions! The first drawing will take place on November 1! Please remember that this fundraiser will take the place of Bingo and The Great American Fundraiser so we encourage all school participation.

Everyday in November, 2017, each ticket (the detachable section of the ticket sold) will be placed into the large raffle drum from which the winning tickets will be drawn. The drum is designed so that each ticket placed has an equal chance to be drawn. Please see the official rules sheet enclosed.

All Star Raffle Prize Incentives

  •  Each student that sells one book in the first 7 days receives a free ice cream cone.*

  •  Each student that sells two books of raffle tickets gets a free ice cream cone and selects a prize from the grab bag of  prizes!

  •  Each student that sells three books of raffle tickets gets a free ice cream cone; selects a prize from the grab bag of prizes and participates in “open gym” for a class period.**

  •  Each student to sell five books of raffle tickets gets a free ice cream cone; selects a prize from the grab bag of prizes; participates in “open gym” for a class period and receives free dress the week before Christmas Break!***

  •  The first class with 100% participation gets a pizza party on the pier for lunch! (only one class)

  •  The first student to sell 10 books of raffle tickets gets to be “Principal for a Day”! Only one student! This student will also receive all of the above incentives!

Good Luck and SELL! SELL! SELL!
*Ice cream cone fulfillment day will be one designated day with “Dippin Dots” ice cream.
**Open gym time will be one designated day and student must have teacher approval to participate.
***Week of December 17th, 2017.

All Star Raffle Winners:

We thank all the parents and friends who supported our All Star Raffle! You helped us sell more than 2200 tickets!! Following our rules, we will be drawing the winners of the raffle and we will post their names daily. Each winner will receive $100 which will be paid by check. On November 30, there will be a $1,000 winner.

November 1: Patrick Shea
November 2: Robert Dickmeyer
November 3: Andrew Pincus
November 4: Bernadine Meeks
November 5: Steve Smith
November 6: Page Stooks
November 7: The Delgado Family
November 8: Ann Wilt
November 9: Jean Phaup
November 10: Helda Camacho
November 11: Lori Lang
November 12: McKim Beale
November 13: Noelle Pincus
November 14: Joanne Brand
November 15: John and Mary Adams
November 16: Christina Camacho
November 17: Sofia Seely
November 18: Stuart Jones
November 19: Hai Tran
November 20: Cal Kohler
November 21: Alex Potchatek
November 22: Michelle A. Poff (drawn this week due to the Thanksgiviving Holiday)
November 23: Jerry L. Rickett (drawn this week due to the Thanksgiving Holiday)
November 24: Maria Mendoza (drawn this week due to the Thanksgiving Holiday)
November 25: M. E. Rhodes
November 26: Ben Elefante
November 27: The Hernandez family
November 28: Anhthu Nguyen
November 29: McKim Beale
November 30: Duyen Luc

All Star Raffle Rules
All Star Ticket Request form