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Financial Aid Information

How To Apply for Financial Aid

To be eligible for tuition assistance, families must first contact the Catholic school of their choice to indicate their interest. 

Families must complete the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment online application at   

An application fee is required.    

• Families with W2 income only will need to send their 2014 tax return along with their 2015 W2's.   

• Families with income other than W2 income (such as rental income, business income, income from a partnership, or any other source of income) must send their 2015 tax return and 2015 W2's.   

• Families who are not required to file a tax return must send documentation to reflect this, such as documentation for Social Security Income, Welfare, Child Support, Food Stamps, Workers' Compensation, TANF, and other related documents.

• Incomplete applications or missing documents will delay aid processing.
 • Families who have previously registered through FACTS must complete their upcoming school year applications by March 1, of that year.
 • New families, self-employed families, and families with business income must complete their applications by June 1 of that year.
 If you need assistance in completing your tuition assistance application, please  contact Teresa Bunting at  (757) 723-6358 or