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Meet the Faculty

Middle School Faculty

Sister Anne Elise Wiora, O.P. – 6th – 8th grade Middle School Religion

Mrs. Heather Potchatek – 7th & 8th grade English and Literature, 6th - 8th grade History

Mr. Ken Williams – 6th and 7th grade Pre-Algebra, 8th grade Algebra, 8th grade Geometry – B.S. in Business Administration from Ohio State University; M. Ed. , National Louis University.

Sr. Mary Therese Brooks, O.P. – 6th – 7th grade Science; 8th grade Earth Science, High School Level Course and 6th-8th grade Marine Science, 6th grade Language Arts.

Fine Arts – Mrs. Elise McGorrey

Physical Education/Health – Ms. Linda Gomez

Technology – Mrs. Jamie Green

Spanish – Mrs. Clemencia Johnson - Spanish I: 7th & 8th Grade, High School Level Course